Kaki Bukit Neighborhood Park now a Rhyhorn nest

Yesterday Niantik updated their virtual Pokémon GO world.  Nobody apart from the developers knows how this is done, but there are some trainers that believe that the Pokémon GO biomes are created from data from Open Streetmap (OSM). I was not a believer of this theory, but since yesterday I am!

I often wondered why my neighborhood had so few quality spawns. Based on the rumors, I looked at Open Streetmap, and found that my area (Kaki Bukit in Bedok North, Singapore) was very poorly mapped: one of the main features, the park, was not on OSM.

A few weeks ago, I added the park (and some other details) and this effort was awarded!  Some new Pokemon spawn-points were added and the park is now a Rhyhorn nest!  Note: nests change every two weeks, visit my fully updated page with all Pokémon nests in Singapore!

Rhyhorns are quire useful in the current game: they evolve in Rhydons, which are good defenders (tier 2.5 in the Gamepress Gym Defenders tier list) based on their move-set Mudslap and StoneEdge.  Look up the details on our updated ranking list of move-sets or look up the base-stats of every Pokémon in the game.

Rhydon can have high combat power (CP), and therefore can climb high in a gym.

So, I am very happy with this, and will start mapping more!