Dratini farming at the Bedok Park Connector

End of Bedok Park ConnectorEvery-time I plan to hunt Pokémon – and especially Dratini – at the Bedok Park Connector, I can’t help myself but I chuckle.  A visit there brings back memories of the days I used to struggle with Microsoft Visio:  after a lot of work creating a beautiful flowchart, you try to automatically re-arrange the chart and then you notice that not all connectors are connected …

I believe someone made a similar mistake, since the Bedok Park Connector brutally ends at the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), giving you no options but to walk back from where you came.

What’s the catch?

The Bedok Park Connector is a 700 meter stretch between the PIE and has at least four Dratini frequent spawn points.  It is a typical water biome, with Goldeen, Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke and Staryu.

At one end, you have the parking of the Bedok Reservoir Park with six Pokéstops and one gym, at the other end you find three Pokéstops.  This gives plenty of opportunities to gather enough balls to catch the pokes.

One hour walking up and down should give you at least a couple of Dratini and plenty of Magikarp to evolve that elusive Dragonite and Gyarados.

My journey to Dratini wonderland

For once it was not raining and I decided to go in the late afternoon. From previous visits I remembered that there are many Dratini spawns around that time.

I like to start walking around the parking area at the Bedok Reservoir park and fill my bag with Pokéballs from the six stops in the area. I checked out the frequent spawning point just to the north of the last Pokéstop north of the parking area but no Dratini. Poliwag were abundant in the park. The whole park is also a nest, but at this time it was difficult to see what exactly was spawning at a high rate: Poliwag nest or Bellsprout nest? Nests change every two weeks, find out what’s spawning in our updated list of Pokémon nests in Singapore.

From the parking area I entered the Bedok Park Connector and walked towards the end. Lots of Magikarp and Psyduck, a bit less Slowpoke than expected. Towards the end, bingo, my first Dratini of the day!  I rested for 5 minutes and walked back to the Reservoir Park and got lucky again, another Dratini near block 772! When I approached the park, a Vaporeon showed up in my nearby list. I got the message that it de-spawned, but remembered that you still have ninety seconds to catch it after the warning. I ran and crossed the bridge and one curved ultra ball later, the Vaporeon was mine. Excellent combat power (1816 CP) and move-set Watergun and Aqua tail, a very good attacker!

After that excitement it was time for a refreshment (bought an Ice-tea at the vending machine) and while doing a loop around the Pokéstops I ran into another Dratini!

I was getting hungry and decided to walk once more to the end of the park connector and then go for some food at the Broadway Food Court at block 760 (added by me to Open Streetmap).  On the way there is a multi spawn point in the neighborhood of the parking  at block 772A.

Alas, everything was closed because of Chinese New Year, and I had to walk home on an empty stomach.  Next time, I will plan my trip better!

How to get there

Bedok Park Connector

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Bedok Park Connector 1.336971, 103.937960

The easiest way is to catch bus 228 at Bedok MRT station and alight at the Blk 738 stop.  Cross the road, and enter Bedok Reservoir Park. Walk to the right and find the parking area.

Take some time to spin the Pokéstops and to battle for supremacy in the gym. Take the small path that leads under Bedok Reservoir Road. You are now at the Bedok Park Connector.

Happy hunting! Do not forget to visit our updated list of Pokémon nests in Singapore and find out where to catch rare Pokémon.