Bedok Town Park – There must be some kinda way outta here

According to the Global Nest Atlas, Bedok Town Park is a potential Scyther nest.  Every Thursday morning (Singapore Time) Pokémon Go rotates the nests and I hoped for something better than worthless Scyther spawns.  No thunderstorm forthcoming according to the weather forecast, so I decided to go for a quick walk to the park, which is only a mere ten minutes walk from where I live.

I spend about one hour in the western part of the park, but alas captured only very common pokes such as Staryu, Rattata and Pidgeys.  There is only one Pokéstop in the western part of the park, and spawn-points are few and far between.  The conclusion is that there is no nest, or that the Scyther nest has changed in common spawns.  Maybe next week Thursday things will change for the better.

A quick check in Open Street Map revealed that many shelters, playgrounds, fitness stations and other features were not properly mapped.  I made a mental note to myself to update Bedok Town Park in the near future.

Bedok Town Park signage

NParks does a great job maintaining the park and it is a joy to walk around. The noise of the nearby construction was a bit of a let-down though.

Given my previous experience with park connectors, I was not surprised to find another puzzling sign.  Which way to go?  How to decide?  Too many questions and I decided to head back.

Anyway, I was happy since this encounter brought back memories of a great rock song, streaming now through my speakers!

There must be some kinda way outta here, said the joker to the thief – Jimi Hendrix (All along the watchtower, a Bob Dylan song)

How to get to Bedok Town Park

Bedok Town Park

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Bedok Town Park 1.334289, 103.921695

Although you probably won’t catch any interesting Pokémon, it is still a nice little park.  From Bedok Interchange, take bus 225G.  Alight at the Block 534 stop (Bedok North Street 3) and proceed to the north.  Keep to your left and walk until you reach the Pokéstop behind block 536.

Behind Block 536, Bedok North Street 3

Catch all Pokémon, cross the bridge. You are now in Bedok Town Park.