Pokémon GO Valentine event: Singapore colors Pink

Thanks to Niantik, Singapore is now coloring pink on the map.   According to the Twitter announcement and post on the website, the Valentine event will last from February 9th, 3 AM SGT to February 16th, 3 AM SGT.

The following items were announced:

  • There is double candy when you hatch, catch or transfer a Pokémon.  Hatching an egg now gives between 10 and 30 (2 KM egg), 20 and 42 (5 KM egg) or 32 and 64 (10 KM egg) candies.  Evolving a Pokémon does not give double candy however, just like previous double candy events.
  • The distance to receive candy while walking your buddy Pokémon is halved.  Time to start more walking to hoard those rare candies such as Lapras or Snorlax!
  •  Pink Pokémon spawn more frequently in the wild.  Pink Pokémon are: Chansey, Clefable, Clefairy, Exeggcute, Jigglypuff, Lickitung, Porygon, and Slowpoke.
  • Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will be more likely to hatch from Eggs.
  • Lure Modules will last for six hours for the entire duration of the event.

Not announced but some Pokémon are now placed in a different egg category.  Finally no more Pinsir from 10 KM eggs!  A nice chart (courtesy of the Silph Road) can be found here.  It is believed that this change will last after the Valentine event.

According to ongoing research, the higher spawn rates for pink Pokémon are linked to Open Street Map features.  More to follow!

Happy hunting!  I also updated the pages related to Pokémon GO nests in Singapore as well as the world-wide list of city scanners.