There will be dragons – Changes to move-sets of Dragonite

Well, glad to see that Niantik finally released Gen 2 Pokémon, but many hardcore players are surprised by many of the unannounced changes in move-sets of their favorite Pokémon and especially Dragonite. A quick update on what happened with the till now best defender and attacker in Pokémon GO.

Move-set changes

Dragonite’s potential move-sets have changed substantially.  It cannot learn the following move anymore (now legacy moves): Dragon Breath (fast), Dragon Claw (charge), or Dragon Pulse (charge).

Instead it can learn Dragon Tail (fast), Hurricane (charge), and Outrage (charge). It can still learn Steel Wing (fast) and Hyper Beam (charge). On top of this, the damage and speed of the old moves have changed.

MoveType MoveTypeDamageCooldownDPS
Dragon Breath (legacy)DragonFast12100012
Steel WingSteelFast1213009.23
Dragon TailDragonFast1515509.67
Dragon Pulse (legacy)Dragon2 Bars90360025
Dragon Claw (legacy)Dragon2 Bars50170029.41
HurricaneFlying1 Bar110270040.74
HyperbeamNormal1 Bar150380039.47
OutrageDragon2 Bars110390028.20

Note that the table does not take into account STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).

From a pure DPS perspective and not taking into account dodging and energy production for charging, the best legacy attacking move set is Dragon Breath / Hyper Beam, while the best new attacking move set is Dragon Tail / Hurricane.

This is relatively good news for me, since I have a Dragon Breath / Hyper Beam Dragonite with high CP (Combat Power).

According to insights from the internet, this type of Dragonite is currently the only Pokémon that can win a fight against a higher CP Blissey!  Wait and see, a lot more need to be researched.  One thing is certain, the gym meta has changed forever…

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Happy hunting!