Must catch Pokemon from Gen 2

With the imminent release of Gen 2 of Pokémon many trainers will be scratching their head: which Pokémon are trash, or which will proof to be very valuable and are the Pokémon that you must catch?  Nobody knows the full story yet, and Niantic might have some surprises up its sleeve, but for know, the following list should help. 

New evolutions from Gen 1

  • Chansey evolves in Blissey
  • Eevees evolve in Umbreon (dark type) and Espeon (psychic type)
  • Onyx evolves in Steelix (steel type)
  • Scyther evolves in Scizor (steel)

Must catch Pokémon from Gen 2

  • Flaaffy which evolves in Ampharos, a hopefully viable electric type
  • Heracross, a powerful new bug/fighting Pokémon
  • Houndour which evolves in Houndoom, a powerful fire/dark type Pokémon
  • Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar, a rock/dark type

Tyranitar the new king

Tyranitar might have a huge impact on the current gym meta.  Tyranitar is going to be a direct counter to most top gym defenders, including Dragonite and Snorlax.

All Dragonites’ defensive sets but Steel Wing will be hit with a super effective STAB Rock Attack.

Tyranitar’s Dark typing resists Snorlax Lick and Zen Headbutt, and his Rock typing takes care of normal blows. An attacking Tyranitar is only vulnerable to Earthquake.

Go catch them all

If you need more to store to store your Pokémon, now is the time! A bug upgrade will be half price until the end of the month.  Would have hoped that they gave away some free space, but OK …

Have fun catching all of them, and don’t forget to check the updated map of Pokémon nests in Singapore!