Open Street Map in Singapore

Open Street Map (OSM) is an openly licensed map of the world created by volunteers such as you and me using local knowledge, personal surveys, GPS tracks and donated sources. Numerous freely available tools exist to update the map. A wild variety of services such as satellite navigation tools, documentation of hiking and biking trails, information on accessibility (wheelchair, blind, …) and offline maps, use Open Street Map.

I got interested in Open Street Map since there is a rumored link between Open Street Map and Pokémon spawn points. Whether this is true or not remains a question, although I had some successes. To be honest, more and more I go out to improve the map of my neighborhood than catching Pokémon. I enjoy discovering new points of interest and putting them on the map. This is my humble way of giving something back to the country where I am a resident since many years.

Here is some more information on Open Street Map in Singapore and don’t forget to follow the Jeerbees blog which provides more details of my journey into the fascinating world of geographic information systems.

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