Find Pokémon nests and collect rare Pokémon

What is a Pokémon nest?

Pokémon nests are locations where a specific Pokémon species has a high spawn rate and where this species changes every two weeks.

Pokémon spawn on specific times (on a specific minute past the hour) on a spawn point. When 25% percent of these spawns are the same Pokémon species, we call this a frequent spawn point. If an area has multiple frequent spawn points that spawn the same Pokémon, it is called a nest, but only if the species changes every two weeks.

Pokémon from a nest can have the same characteristics as any Pokémon that you can capture in the wild. Earlier it was thought that nesting Pokémon were weaker, but this has been debunked.

When do Pokémon nests migrate to another species?

Nests migrate to another Pokémon species every two weeks on Thursday mornings, 08:00 AM Singapore time. You can find a countdown timer on our overview of all current Pokémon nests in Singapore.

Which Pokémon do not nest?

Niantic has modified the list of nesting Pokémon quite a few times in the past and during events. Unfortunately, they do not provide an updated list and everything needs research by trainers to find out the truth. Here is the current and updated (April 2017) list of Pokémon that don’t nest:

  • Regional exclusives: Corsola, Farfetch’d, Heracross, Kangashkhan, Mr. Mime, Tauros.
  • Baby Pokémon: Elekid, Magby, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglypuff, Smoochum, Togepi and Tyrogue
  • Kid Pokémon: Togetic
  • Evolved species (except for direct evolutions from babies)
  • Other: Aerodactyl, Chansey, Ditto, Dratini, Gligar, Grimer, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Koffing, Lapras, Larvitar, Lickitung, Mareep, Mantine, Miltank, Phanpy, Pineco, Porygon, Skarmory, Snorlax, Sudowoodo, Tangela, Stantler, Unown

We will update the above list as soon as new information becomes available. Please not that this might take some time for verification, but we will do our best.

Where can I find Pokémon nests?

When in Singapore, please visit our overview of all current Pokémon nests in Singapore. This page is updated shortly after every Pokémon nest migration and provides links to our city wide scanner and to Open Streetmap. Even as a tourist in Singapore, you won’t have a problem finding those nests!

Another option is to visit the SilphRoad global nest atlas. This is a crowd-sourced overview of world-wide Pokémon nests. Beware of trolls however, always double-check a report and the credibility of the reporter.

How to find new Pokémon nests?

There appears to be some relation to tags in Open Streetmap (OSM) and the occurrence of Pokémon nests in Pokémon GO.  Although much more research is needed, I am a firm believer of this relationship since I mapped a local park in OSM and it became a nest shortly after!

Apart from walking around, you can discover potential nests by searching in OSM for the specific tags that are believed to be related to nests:

  • landuse=farmyard
  • landuse=meadow
  • landuse=vineyard
  • landuse=farmland
  • natural=heath
  • natural=scrub
  • leisure=park
  • leisure=garden
  • leisure=playground
  • leisure=golf_course
  • leisure=recreation_ground
  • leisure=pitch
  • boundary=national_park
  • boundary=physiogeographical

Happy hunting!