The Lobby Trick

Every trainer knows the frustration; you prepare for soloing a raid boss, enter the raid lobby and instead of having 180 (or 300) seconds, you start with less time and might not be able to beat the boss.

A simple trick will make certain that you get the maximum time available. Here is how:

  1. Create a battle party with your best counters;
  2. Create an empty battle party;
  3. Enter the lobby and choose the empty battle party;
  4. When the timer expires, you will be taken to a screen where you can rejoin the battle, and the clock will start at 185 seconds;
  5. Select the battle party you want to use. Wait until the clock is between 183 and 182. Then hit rejoin battle.

It might take a few times to maximize the time and to be as close as possible to 180 (or 300) seconds.

There is still a problem with the raid timing ending early, but there is no known work around.