Pokémon Day – You can leave your hat on

Picture by Kaci Baum

Ok, the Pokémon Day event started.  Have fun catching those Pikachu. Bad news: just walked outside and didn’t see any Pikachu. Apparently the spawn rates have not increased like with the Santachu event so we will need to look at the list of Pokémon nests to find those party animals.

But maybe there is a surprise that Niantik didn’t tell us. Wait and see.

Site News

I also updated the pages regarding the base stats of Pokémon as well as the move-set ranking. Come back soon, but leave your hat on!


80+ new Pokémon, berries and avatars coming later this week!

Picture by Ben White

It’s finally official! Niantic just revealed that new Pokémon are coming later this week.  Here is the information as given in the press release.

More Pokémon

  • Additional Pokémon: More than 80 new Pokémon as well as Pokémon with gender-specific variations will start rolling out in Pokémon GO.
  • New Evolutions: Some Pokémon from the Kanto region (generation one) will soon be able to evolve into Pokémon that inhabit the Johto region (generation two)! Some new evolutions need Evolution items from PokéStops.

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Great research on electric biomes from The Silphroad

Picture of the night sky

One of my sources of information (and a great time-waster) is the reddit The Silphroad.  Today they published an analysis on boundaries and causes of electric biomes in Pokemon GO.  In order to better understand the analysis, here is some background.

What are S2 Cells?

S2 cells are a very clever way to represent a region or a point on a sphere (e.g. the Earth) into a single number.  S2 Cells use Hilbert Curves to approximate any point (or better squares) in a bigger square.

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Bedok Town Park – There must be some kinda way outta here

Bedok Town Park

According to the Global Nest Atlas, Bedok Town Park is a potential Scyther nest.  Every Thursday morning (Singapore Time) Pokémon Go rotates the nests and I hoped for something better than worthless Scyther spawns.  No thunderstorm forthcoming according to the weather forecast, so I decided to go for a quick walk to the park, which is only a mere ten minutes walk from where I live.

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How to get notified of nearby rare Pokémon

Instruments of a Brazilian band dring Formula 1 in Singapore, 2011. Not used to catch nearby rare Pokémon.

Here is what I do to get notified about the exact location of nearby rare Pokémon that spawn around my chosen location.  The solution uses the IFTTT app, available both on Android and iPhone.

Every Pokémon trainer in Singapore knows about the map of Pokémon spawns in Singapore.  Many call it cheating, but where to draw the line? After all the original tracker in Pokémon Go allowed to really hunt down Pokémon that showed up in the tracker. The current Nearby feature only gives information about Pokémon close to Pokéstops in the vicinity, but remains silent when you walk past a Lapras.

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